Instructor         Annette Jennings, Professor Computer Applications Office Technology


         Phone              (818) 947-2364

         Office               Business Journalism Building 102D


Prerequisite     None


Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing (GDP), Word 2007 Update,
Kit 1 Lessons 1-60 w/Home Software 2.0, 10th Edition
(ISBN: 0-077-26053-8) Ober, Johnson,
Zimmerly; 2008; McGraw-Hill Higher Education


Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing (GDP), Word 2007 Update
Kit 3 Lessons 1-120 w/Home Software 2.0, 10th Edition
(ISBN: 0-077-26056-2) Ober, Johnson,
Zimmerly; 2008; McGraw-Hill Higher Education. 

This book comes bundled in a boxed kit with the items you see below and an easel.

Lessons 1-120

Word 2007 Manual

GDP Home
Software With Installation Guide


This course instructs students in proper keyboarding techniques to accomplish mastery of the computer

keyboard by touch. Students will develop speed and accuracy and produce basic business documents such as business letters, reports, and tables using word processing software.


Student Learning Outcomes

Course Objectives

Students completing this course should be able to


According to the college attendance regulations, a student is responsible for dropping a class. It is your responsibility to drop the class before the deadline. If you simply stop attending and do not drop, you will receive an "F" grade.

Conduct Code

Cheating will not be tolerated. College authorities will determine which type of penalty is appropriate. Cheating could result in suspension, withdrawal, or expulsion. Any student caught cheating on exams or assignments will receive an "F" grade. The following is considered cheating:

Computer Lab


Open computer lab hours will be announced. The computer lab is located in the Business Journalism Building Room 103 and is available for completing assignments and extra practice.


Grading Policy:

Successfully passing touch type/technique keyboarding tests is required. If you cannot touch type with acceptable technique, you cannot pass the course and will receive an F in the course regardless of keyboarding speed or assignments completed.


Percent of  Final Grade

Final keyboarding speed:
A = 35+   B = 30--34  C = 25--29  D = 20--24


Assignments-- Skillbuilding and Document processing lessons


Final Exam



Academic Standards Policy

Enrollment in a class may be terminated due to unsatisfactory student conduct, undue disrespect towards an instructor or administrator, or academic dishonesty. Each student is responsible for maintaining standards of academic performance established for each course in which he or she is enrolled.

If you violate the Standard of Student Conduct for Dishonesty, your instructor will complete a Faculty Disciplinary Form indicating the code of conduct that was violated, explaining the facts and details of the charge, and noting the disciplinary action taken. This form will be signed by both you and your instructor and will be filed with the Dean of Student Services for reference in case of repeat violations.

Cheating can result in disciplinary action such as failing grade on a test(s) or assignment(s), disciplinary probation, suspension or termination of financial aid, and even permanent expulsion.

Cheating includes talking during a test regardless of the reason, glancing at another student's paper or computer screen during a test, copying another student's work in any form, submitting another student's work as your own, leaving a classroom with a copy of a test answers, or in any way taking any action might be construed as academic dishonesty.


Drop Dates Fall 2010

Dropping the class is YOUR responsibility. Students are responsible for withdrawing from a class and must not expect faculty to initiate withdrawal procedures for them.

September 13, 2010

Drop classes without incurring fees
in-person or Internet

September 13, 2010

Drop classes with refund of enrollment fees
in-person or Internet

September 24, 2010
September 26, 2010

Drop classes without receiving a W
in-person or Internet
by Internet

November 19, 2010
November 21, 2010

Drop classes with a W
in-person or Internet
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